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Introducing the Most Innovative Exercise Program Design Platform in the Industry!

At Mobility Matters, we know that you work hard every day to make the lives of your older clients better.  Older adults are unique and the complex aging process challenges even the most healthy and fit of them.  This results in almost 1 in 3 older adults suffering an accidental fall each year which is their number one cause of injury and disability.  Our goal is to give you the tools you need to help your older clients live happier and healthier lives and reduce their risk of falls.

To achieve this, Mobility Matters has created a research-proven exercise assessment and program design system, a powerful web platform to easily manage your clients, and attentive customer service that will make you proud to be a member of the Mobility Matters team.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Lead your clients through our 3 validated assessments and make basic observations of their movement quality.
  2. Enter their results and our program design algorithm will instantly construct a customized 18 exercise routine that will be the most effective combination of Joint Mobility, Sensory Stimulation, Muscle Strength/Muscle Power, Static Balance, Dynamic Balance, and Gait Enhancement exercises. Research has shown that these exercise domains should be the foundation of every older adult’s balance training program.
  3. Your client’s individual exercises will be displayed in HD video and/or be available as a single page PDF document that you can bring with you onto the fitness floor.
  4. Use the administrator tools to easily update your personal information, manage all your clients, and assign them up to 4 of their current exercises to be shared as homework.
  5. Reassess your clients as often as every two weeks to monitor their progress and watch their program grow in challenge as their function improves.

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  • Joint Mobility
  • Sensory Stimulation
  • Muscle Strength/Power
  • Static Balance
  • Dynamic Balance
  • Gait Enhancement

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