The Exercise Program

September 17, 2018

After the assessment,  the system will build your client’s customized program of 18 exercises from a combination of the following exercise categories:  Joint Mobility, Sensory Stimulation, Muscle Strength/Muscle Power, Static Balance, Dynamic Balance, and Gait Enhancement. The exercises are listed on the Recommended Exercises screen with the difficulty level of each exercise displayed from 1 to 5 with 1 being the most regressed exercise and 5 being the most progressed exercise.  If the results do not seem to make sense, such as an 85-year old multiple faller receiving all Level 4 and 5 exercises, it is possible that an error was made during data entry.  If this happens, you can start over by pressing the CLEAR button.  If the results look reasonable, press the SAVE button to proceed.

You are then taken to the CURRENT PROGRAM page where the program is arranged by exercise category with video thumbnails for each exercise.  Each video begins with a brief rationale of how the exercise contributes to improving function and reducing fall risk, followed by a demonstration of the exercise for one set.  By marking the “Assign as Homework” box under the video, you can choose up to 4 of these video links to be emailed to your client so that can do them between training sessions.  Click the UPDATE button at the bottom of the page and a homework email will be sent to your client.  You can change the homework selections as often as you’d like by selecting different exercises and clicking UPDATE. 

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